Veinot v. Kerr-Addison: A Case Note

2021-7-27 · Kerr-Addison Mines Ltd.1 The facts of the case were simple: The plaintiff, Mr Veinot, was driving his snowmobile one night when he lost his way, ran into a steel pipe and injured himself. The pipe belonged to the defendants, who had put it up twenty years earlier to form a gate across their …


2017-3-2 · KERR ADDISO MINEN LIMITES D (FOR INTER-OFFICE USE ONLY) To From Subject Date -2 - History; Other tha placen mininr g on Boulder Creek ther, hae bees n no wor priok tr o 1967. In 1967 lead-zinc-molybdenit, the showine g was trenche bulldozerd by . Gary Bysouth o Anacondf examinea d …

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2017-12-1 · Kerr Addison Mines Limited Report on Mining Operations The Kerr Addison Mine The Kerr Add son gold mine, located at iatown, Ontario, operated at capacity during 1985 milling 373,055 tons of ore, averaging 1,022 tons per day at a recovered grade of O. 127 ounces of gold per ton. In addition, 1,812 tons of custom gold ore were treated.

Rapidly Advancing High-Grade Gold Project in the Abitibi ...

2021-7-26 · the Kerr Addison Mine, which produced 11 million ounces of gold. Suite 1680 - 200 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC V6C 3L6 [email protected] Phone: +1 604 678 5308 Toll Free: +1 855 678 5308 Deposit Propect Larder Gold Project Area Bear Kir Vit Cheminis Fernland Barber- Larder McGarry Mine Kerr Addison Trans Canada ...

fsdfds Structural and stratigraphic framework of the Kerr ...

2020-2-19 · associated sedimentary rocks, and At the Kerr–Addison Mine, a thick package of Larder Lake group is preserved, making it an ideal location to study the stratigraphic and structural framework of the rocks, which was the focus of the 2017 field work. Figure 1.

Peter Veinot v. Kerr Addison Mines Ltd.

2020-5-20 · Kerr Addison Mines arise from the en-crustation of doctrine that has grown up around the 1866 English case of Indermauer v. Dames.7 Weiler uses this case to illustrate how a judge''s words, in handling a routine case, can be given more weight in future cases than is justified. In this case, dealing with an invitee situation, the words ...

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2021-7-14 · Partner. Call Robert +61 2 8915 1064. Call Robert +61 411 685 736. Email Robert. Download Vcard. Clients trust me with their strategic mergers and acquisitions projects, commercial negotiations, and corporate and governance issues. My practice is focused on …

Pouring a bar of gold at Kerr Addison

Locality: Kerr-Addison Mine (Kerr Mine), McGarry Township, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada. pouring molten gold into bars at the Kerr Addsion Mine This photo has been shown 284 times. Photo added: 31st Aug 2015: Dimensions: 554x752px (0.42 megapixels) Date/Time of Photo: 30th Aug 2015 20:38:13:


2004-5-4 · Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd. began investigation of the Claims in March of 1962 and instituted a line cutting, geophysical and geochemical programme. The following report covers the work dons on the Fault 1 - 24 Mineral Claims.


2017-1-17 · Claim Holder(g) Kerr Addison Mines Limited——-— P.O.Box 91. Commerce Court West Survey Company Kerr Addison Mines Limited Author of Report Dr . J . L . Vlahl ^————— Address of Author Kerr Addison Mines Limited Covering Dates of Survey Jan. 27,1985 -May 13,. 1985 (ttnecuttinf to office) Total Miles of Line Cut. 40 line milea

Hydrothermal alteration zoning and gold concentration at ...

Kerr-Addison, a major Archcan lode gold deposit of the Abitibi belt, with a production of approximately 10 X 10 6 oz Au ( approximately 320 metric tons up to 1983), is localized in a zone of talc-carbonate and chlorite-carbonate rocks, immediately south of a regional structural break--the Kirkland Lake-Larder Lake fault zone. Relict volcanic textures taken in conjunction with the ratios of ...

Kerr Mines Inc (KER): McGarry Project

2017-8-29 · The Project is also host to a mining plant consisting of a three compartment vertical shaft to a depth of 2,290 feet below surface, a 10 foot double drum hoist capable of operating to depths of 4,200 feet, a 105 foot steel headframe, a hoist/compressor building, a dry/shop building and an electric power substation.

Armistice Resources to Acquire Former Kerr-Addison Mine ...

2010-1-9 · The Kerr property adjoins Armistice Resources'' McGarry Mine project to the east. The Kerr Mine produced approximately 11 million ounces of gold during a 58-year operating life from 1938 to 1996 ...


2006-6-1 · KERR ADDISON MINES LIMITED SUITE 703 - I I12 WEST PENDER STREET VANCOUVER, B.C. V6E 255 PHONE 682-7401 TO WHOM IT . MAY CONCERN This will testify that John Lund has a Master''s Degree in Geology from the University of British Columbia and that he has practised his profession for at least 15 years. a'' W.M. Sirola., P. Eng. July 13, 1977

Gold, 309-16 Stope, 300 Level, Kerr Addison Mine

Gold $65.00 7.4x5.5x3.6 cm 309-16 Stope, 300 Level, Kerr Addison Mine iatown Ontario, Canada. Item number: 17350. Bright native gold is concentrated in two spots in this pure white quartz matrix.

Kerr Addison Mine In Ontario, Canada | The Diggings™

Mine Overview. The Kerr Addison Mine is in Ontario, Canada. The ore mined is composed of chalcopyrite, gold and pyrite. The host rock in this area is komatiite (ultramafite). Site identification and general characteristics. Learn about USGS mines. Gold Primary Commodity. Arsenic and Copper Secondary Commodity.

Northern Gold Mining Inc. | Buffonta Property

2020-5-31 · Reports from the Kerr-Addison mill indicate that recoveries exceeded 90%. Buffonta Mine History 1. The core claim group was first staked in 1936 and incorporated as Amca Mines Ltd who submitted a 790 pound bulk sample to the Canada Department of Mines and Resources which graded 0.417oz/ton (14.3g/t) gold and 0.278oz/ton (9.2g/t) silver.


2017-1-17 · KERR ADDISON MINES LIMITED SWAYZE PR03ECT, ONTARIO. HEENAN, DORE AND MARION TOWNSHIPS. 010 PORCUPINE MINING DISTRICT.-e September 13, 1982. David W. Constable. Page l PROPERTY ••^^^^••^•^••v^ * The property consits of two hundred eighty five (285) contiguous


2017-1-16 · Eleven claims of 40 acres each were purchased by Kerr Addison Mines Limited from Henri Laurencin on February 18, 1975, comprising Lots 10, 11 and 12 in Concessions V and VI, Cardiff Township^ As the claims are contiguous to the south boundary of the former Dyno uranium mine (operated in the late fifties),

Kerr Addison Gold Mines, Headframe of Shaft No. 1, 1936-37

Kerr-Addison Gold Mines, Ontario : Headframe of Shaft No. 1, 1936-37. Doug Beggs says: "The original headframe of Kerr-Addison Shaft 1. Must be 1936 or 1937. The mine''s first declaration of ore reserves was made in July 1937.

Mike Molotkin : Kerr Addison Underground.

Mike Molotkin in 2010. It is January 15, 1977 and I am in my second week as a full time employee of Kerr Addison Gold Mines Ltd. As I walk the two km or so from my parents'' house on 27 street in North iatown to the mine gate, I can clearly hear the humming noise emanating from the mine, which is perched up on the hill overlooking highway 66.

Photo Gallery: Kerr-Addison Mine (Kerr Mine), McGarry ...

Kerr-Addison Mine, McGarry Township, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada Dimensions: 11 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm Greenish, quartz-rich rock with visible blebs of native gold in several areas. Could be split into several smaller specimens. Has old label attached marked: Kerr-Addison, J.W. Aaker, Oct. 7, 1952. Ex. J. Cilen #4162.

Kerr-Addison Mine

"The Kerr-Addison mine is on the northeast shore of Larder Lake in the township of McGarry, District of Timiskaming, Ontario. It lies just south of the highway leading to the town of Kirkland Lake, 25 miles to the west.The property was first staked in the summer of 1906, by a …

Mike Molotkin : Kerr Addison Underground, Part Two.

Kerr Addison Underground, Part Two. This article is about working underground in a stope on the 4000-foot level of Kerr Addison Mines Ltd., in 1978. The story I relate is not really specific to the working of Kerr Addison, as all underground hard rock mining would have followed similar processes as they existed in the late 1970''s.

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2021-5-4 · AIRBORNE ELECTROMAGNETIC REPORT 0 N COAL LICENCE NO. 58 BIG SALMON MAP AREA, Y.T. 105E - 15 (NW QUAD.) KERR ADDISON MINES LIMITED INTRODUCTION Applications to explore for coal within the lands bounded by the NW Quarter, NE Quarter and the SE Quarter of the area of land shown on mineral claim staking sheet 105E - 15 were made by Kerr Addison Mines Limited on September 15,

Grab sampling for underground gold J mine grade control

2015-4-16 · from cut-and-fill stopes during mining. Rogers22 notes that much of the gold at Dome was concentrated in quartz, which yielded fine high-grade product after blasting. Grab sampling was known to overstate grade, particularly where high quantities of visible gold existed in the ore. Annels1 notes that at the former Kerr Addison mine

Major Mines & Projects | McGarry Project

Typically, such zones on the adjoining Kerr Addison mine property could be up to 100 ft in thickness and several hundred feet in length and vertical extent. Because of the erratic distribution of gold within them, the stockwork zones are very difficult to identify, and were often recognized in drilling at the Kerr Addison mine …

Armistice Resources Corp.

2015-5-8 · Production from the Kerr Addison Mine totalled approximately 12 million ounces of gold from 41 million tons of ore over its 58 year operating life. Armistice has identified a mineralized system at a depth of 2,200 feet on the McGarry Project, which is geologically identical to that of the adjacent Kerr Addison property.


2017-1-16 · Eleven (11) claims of 50 acres each were purchased by Kerr Addison Mines Limited from Henri Laurencin on February 18, 1975, comprising Lots 10, 11 and 12 in Concession V and VI, Cardiff Township. Detail Radon Soil Gas Surveys were performed on four areas of interest on the claims. The surveys were conducted during August, 1976.

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